Before we headed off to Strasbourg for the day, we stopped to watch people at the Jean Wach winery doing some bottling. The family is friends with Jean, and Tessa and Andrew rented an apartment from them. They said that they would do 1600 bottles in an hour.  I think they were only spending one or two days bottling. 

In Strasbourg we took a boat tour, which was really fun even in the heat. They had headphones for the audio guide which came in many different languages, even including a kids version in English (narrated by a pirate?).  We went through two locks, and saw many different buildings and bridges. The highlight was seeing the modern European Union Parliament buildings.

Jean and George took the kids out for lunch while the remaining 6 adults went to Le Crocodile, a Michelin one-star restaurant.  It was a fine lunch, inciluding some wonderful foie gras and a dessert served in a caviar tin where the “caviar” was balls of green and black tea gelatin served on top of a crème brûlée type dessert.  It was truly excellent.  After lunch we toured the cathedral. I still can’t quite imagine how it was possible in those days to build so many beautiful and enormous churches, castles, and othe grand buildings.

We tried to find Petit France, and only discovered a few buildings.  We were hoping to find some shops for souvenirs.  The kids were finally too tired to move another step, so we quickly found a restaurant with tall beers and limonade with ice!  Somewhat refreshed we made it to the car and back to Andlau.  Dinner was leftovers and some premade quiche, and a few bottles of Alsatian wine.  I’m really going to miss starting evenings off with a glass of Crémant.