On Wednesday we saw one of the most impressive historic sites I have seen. We went to see a memorial and graves for the first world war. If I understood correctly, approximately 12,000 French soldiers lost their lives defending the line in the Vosges Mountains.  After the memorial, we went on a substantial hike up the mountain to see the trenches on both the French and German sides.  It was hard to imagine the conditions they must have experienced during the war and just how strange the battle was.  The views from the mountains were amazing.

 (The field behind the kids, down the mountain, is the site of the crosses and the main memorial.)

The kids wore out before most of the adults, so the two families went to see the Eco Museé, a large outdoor cultural museum where they have brought many old buildings from around the area.  It is a bit like the Western Development museum, but much bigger and outside.

We didn’t last terribly long because it was very hot and we had already hiked a long way. All of the activities and commentary was in French so we had a hard time following it.  Thoroughly exhausted, we came home and made Mac and cheese for dinner, and relaxed outside with a bottle of Crémant (Alsatian sparkling wine).