Automobiles, Trains, and Roman Ruins

An hour drive south brought us to Mulhouse where our first stop was the Car museum.  This museum was focussed on the history of the French car, and went on forever. I learned about Bugatti and the cars he made.

Here is the one Ellen thought would be fun to have as a kid:

Laura thought the sports car would be more her style:

The kids had a huge amount of fun pushing around the coin operated cars, that their parents wouldn’t give them any money for.

After the car museum, we went to the train museum.  It was very dark, so we don’t have any pictures.  We also kind of rushed through it, which was too bad because it was almost as impressive as the car museum, and included interesting tidbits of French history.  We had lunch at the cafe which started out promising when they brought us our wine in Alsacian glasses but went downhill quickly.  They seemed to bring food out quite randomly and it wasn’t very good food.  In the end, my meal took over an hour to arrive, at which point everyone else had gone off to look at more of the museum.

We were in a bit of a hurry to leave the museum because we wanted to get to Basel to see Augusta Raurica, Roman ruins from 250AD.  It was also fun to be able to say we spent a few hours in Switzerland. The ruins and the museum were impressive! The four kids put on some kind of presentation on the stage of the partially restored amphitheatre (which could seat more than 10,000), and played hide and ek among the ruins for a while.

The museum had the largest collection of silver from Roman times that was found on the site.  It also had a representative Roman house where the kids could put on togas and imangine what it would be like.  We were very glad to have made the extra effort to get there.  

We capped the evening off with a lovely meal at a restaurant in town.  The adults enjoyed some superb foie gras and escargots.