Tour de France

On July 13th, a stag of the Tour was passing quite close to where were are staying, and a few of us we’re quite interested to see it.  Our wonderful host Jean and her also truly wonderful friend Jan took the kids for the whole day while the rest of us drove to Turkheim to catch the Tour.  We arrived in Turkheim just in time to find spots in the main parking lot right by the town. 

Turkheim is a picturesque, old Alsacian town, so we wandered up and down the main street taking photos. 

A little before noon we found a spot by the road and had a picnic of baguettes, cheese and sausage (and wine).  It kept threatening to rain, but never did.  A few people went off in search of another bottle of wine. Just after 1 pm, the “caravan” came through.  This was a a bunch of cars and other vehicles representing the Tour’s sponsors, and they were throwing a variety of promotional things into the crowds, so we came home with a bag of stuff (including the bag).  Irving bought a “kit” that included the t-shirt that he wanted, and a bandana that I wore (and will wear for workouts or running), a cap, and a bunch of other stuff in a kit bag that has already come in handy. 

The riders raced through a little ahead of schedule before 3pm.  There were 2 leaders, followed by a decent chase pack, and then the peleton with all the jerseys in it.  There was a small group of stragglers, but everyone was through in less than 15 minutes.  We were stationed just before a sharp turn, so the riders had to slow down a bit. (Astana leading the peleton with the yellow jersey.)

We stopped at a couple of wineries on the way home and met everyone back in Andlau.   (Those are storks in the neston top butmorep about storks in a later post.)

The kids had a wonderful day, buying postcards, hiking up the hill to the gazebo for lunch, a scavenger hunt, a visit to the town museum, and playing in the park.


Because it was the final game of the World Cup,  there was a big party at the Sporthall, where we ate Tarte Flambee (a very thin pizza), and drank Cremant (Champange style wine).  I took the kids home, and Irving stayed to watch the game with a group of people there.